the Kindergarten


In Kindergarten and Transition, children learn to socialise and interact with a group, to recognise and write letters and numbers, and begin to read and write and cope with basic mathematical concepts. Our aim is to make learning enjoyable and arouse the children’s natural curiosity about life and the environment. Plenty of play, singing, stories, outdoor and indoor games, art and craft are included in the curriculum

Physical Education specialists teach basic ball skills, minor games and gymnastics. In this age of technology it is important that every child should be speaking english and all children, from Kindergarten to Class 3, have access to our library. They learn reading skills through educational storybooks  and play. These lessons also reinforce their literacy and numeracy skills.


General information

The purpose of Better Vision education is to prepare students to meet the challenges of life as well as develop their academic abilities. Better …

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school rules

School Rules The school rules apply to all pupils of the school in order that they may all work and play in a happy, safe and clean environment.

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